Is the bosom milk discharge typical for a virgin young lady? What amount?

Is the bosom milk discharge typical for a virgin young lady? What amount?

I’m 21 year old virgin young lady.

I do wear right estimated sports bra.

I do masturbation regularly (3 times each week might be)… Then again once in a while. Depends.

Never had sweetheart. Never had bosom incitement by others.

I’m minimal light sleeper. Furthermore, I feel stretch all the time because of study.

Lactation (only 2-3 drops on crushing) began when I was 16 yrs old. Every one of the reports were typical. Periods are minimal unpredictable however all reports were typical…

At that point…

A year prior, the lectation expanded that I could press out a spoonful of milk + water shaded gooey fluid. A specialist let me know not to touch/invigorate bosom and to keep away myself from the things that can make me feel excited… I didn’t take any medication. Just in a week it naturally diminished to 2-3 drops once more. she let me know that even a considered sex can get it going because of some hormonal changes… FSH, LH, prolactin all reports are ordinary.

At that point i counseled another gynecologist. He gave me 3 tablets of cabergoline (CB lin, 0.5 mg) to take once in a week. i quit stroking off for two months. what’s more, in the event that I did then I didn’t do bosom incitement. At last lactation ceased in those 3 weeks. (what’s more, I put on some weight). … At that point I began living regularly once more.

Presently, following one year, I feel the lactation once more. (2-3 drops just on pressing)

PS-specialists are asked for to react… You can reply with exploratory terms, I’m from science foundation. I can’t impart this to my mother as she is experiencing gloom, and accordingly I can’t get enough cash for consistent and regular arrangements to specialist. … So please offer assistance.


I require some extra data.

On the off chance that this happens in view of bosom incitement then does it happen to wedded (however no children yet) ladies?

Specialist let me know that even a kid’s vicinity can likewise influence your periods and such ladylike things (because of pheromones in his sweat)… Particularly when the kid/you really like the other. Does it truly happen? Aww…:) :)…… Are there whatever other things in our gentility which can get influenced by a man’s vicinity?


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